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Bespoke Realty, Inc. of Newport Beach, California

Brendan-Brown-captionBespoke Realty, Inc. of Newport Beach, California is a dedicated team made up of Realtor® Brendan G. Brown and Real Estate Broker & Real Estate Lawyer David L. Crockett; who share high ethical standards, dedication to client satisfaction, and a passion for Orange County Coastal real estate. When you work with one of us you have the full support of the other, ensuring a diverse body of knowledge including market research, and expert property marketing. This all coupled with the unique and special addition of a Real Estate, Estate Planning, and Tax Attorney / CPA for a distinctive all-encompassing service not offered by ordinary real estate groups.

Brendan G. Brown

David L. Crockett

Legally-speaking, ordinary R.E. offices are staffed with “form-fillers”

Most real estate firms walk a precarious tightrope where agents and Realtors attempt to be helpful with some legal matters, but it is illegal for non-lawyers to offer ANY form of legal advice to their clients who are, admittedly, in the process of significant financial transactions where legal counsel is often mandatory for the best possible outcomes.

Most Orange County properties along the coast are $1 million and up

Considering most Orange County properties within a few miles of the iconic ocean breezes average nearly $800,000 to 1,000,000 and up. Offering this tailored suite of Realtor®, Legal, Estate Planning, Tax Law and CPA services for astute clients is long overdue. We can offer you any kind of real estate advice, legal advice, advice as to short and long-term tax consequences that can often be addressed pre-purchase / pre-sale with some minor planning, alter contracts, add contract provisions to protect you from issues unique to your transaction: essentially provide you an exclusive and tailored service you can’t find elsewhere.

As long-term Orange County residents, business owners and serious investors ourselves, we know the Orange County coastal real estate market inside and out! We care deeply about our clients, and we work tirelessly to get results.

We designed this website with a few goals in mind. We wanted our clients to have a resource for searching for homes with powerful and intuitive MLS SEARCH software and we also wanted to give people who are considering living in Orange County California an honest feel for what this amazing part of the country is all about, and why we know it’s a terrific place to call home. If you’re considering buying or selling residential or investment property in Orange County we are here to help in whatever way we can.

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